Recent Immigrants

Assisting internationally trained new immigrants:

At Occupify we will assist internationally trained immigrants with their initial stages of job search and help them integrate into this competitive market with minimum searching cost.

  • Are you a professional with a regulated occupation?
  • Looking to work in Canada?
  • Do you want to learn more about how to find work in your occupation, or what direction is best related to your occupation?

Survive the Highly Competitive Canadian Job Market!

The Canadian job market is very competitive! You might need to take steps that were not necessary for your home country. We can help you with easy initial steps such as:

Premium Services

Our premium services for more refined job search

Domain-Specific Seminars

Firsthand knowledge of your potential career in Canada delivered by experts


We don’t believe that one mentoring model fits all.


Networking for work means strategically reaching out to people, we facilitate this task

Occupify Webinars

At Occupify we run regular online webinars, training, and events, to keep you updated on the latest trends and regulations in the job market. Make sure to subscribe to our events, not to miss any valuable sessions.
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