From Immigrants for Immigrants

Occupify is founded by three immigrant women in 2021 when they found the challenges they were facing as highly skilled immigrants while planning to immigrate to Canada. Occupify’s main goal is to become a leading place for highly skilled immigrants in the Canadian environment to facilitate their integration into their new homes. It aims to provide special connections and knowledge for new highly skilled immigrants in a personalized and customized way.

Sogol NejadKarimi, DMD
COO / Co-Founder

Sogol is a dentist by training and has been managing a successful practice in her home country. She is very detail-oriented while keeping in mind the big picture of the project. Sogol also has great experience in academia, training, and research areas.

Nahid Jodeiri Feyzi, BS.ACC
CEO / Co-Founder

As a trained financial expert, Nahid brings over 15 years of experience in fields such as financial consultancy, managing auditing and accounting projects, and local and international experience to the team. Nahid is a result-oriented leader and a team player at the best.

Elham Khodabakhsh, MSc
CTO / Co-Founder

Elham is overseeing the technical development of the Occupify as the CTO. She brings over 20 years of experience in managing projects in software engineering and data analytics to the team.

Our Mission

Statistics show three out of four highly skilled immigrants in Canada don’t work at the regulated occupations they got trained for. And guess what, the case is even worse for women!

That’s why at Occupify, our goal is to make this process an enjoyable one. We work to replace the burden and wasted time with the seamless integration of highly skilled immigrants into the Canadian market.

Our mission at Occupify is “to actualize the true potential of highly skilled immigrants by facilitating their integration to the professional communities and connecting to our partners and network companies.”

A Proud Member of the Manitoba Technology Accelerator

Occupify Global is a proud member of the Manitoba accelerator program since 2021.

Occupify Global is expanding its partnerships

Manitoba Start is the first step for all new immigrants and international students to the province. Occupify is delighted to form a partnership with Manitoba Start to better assist new immigrants in their integration process.

Professional Orientation Services by Occupify