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A Smart Platform for integration of highly skilled immigrants

Occupify provides connection and knowledge for new highly skilled immigrants in a personalized and customized way.

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  • Recent Immigrants

As a recent highly skilled immigrant we support you in your journey for proper adaptation toward finding your dream job in your new home. Our services include degree evaluation, providing you with a career integration roadmap, connecting with training partners, and facilitation of the job-seeking process.

  • Training Institutions

Occupify is a one-stop shop to connect recent highly skilled immigrants with training institutions based on their actual needs. Training institutions are our valued partners in our mission.

  • Employers and Recruiters

As an employer, you can connect with our highly skilled new immigrants through the Occupify platform. Our customized and personalized platform for highly skilled new immigrants provides you with a pool of potential employees.

Occupify Advisor

Integration Experts

Recent Immigrants

Training Institutions

Melika Maddah

“As a highly skilled new immigrant, my biggest worry is integration in the new job market. There is so much information to collect and analyze and it is a nightmare to think about them besides my family and life commitments. I am so lucky to find the Occupify team to help me on this process!”

Melika Maddah

Immigrant and an Engineer

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